This Life Matters

June 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
There's been so much unrest these last couple of months as our world has watched a pandemic arise and ongoing social and racial inequalities come to life. As a Christian, I believe in trying to see things in a redeeming perspective.....taking time to reflect on how God allows things to unfold. I believe He wants the best for those who love Him and...
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Proactive Advisor Magazine Headshot Session: Clyde

May 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
I truly enjoy headshot style sessions because it gives me a chance to interact with someone one on one and learn more about them. The more conversation we have, the more I can get a better grasp of who they are and allow that to reflect in the images I capture. People are amazing. My job allows me to meet individuals that I might never have met and...
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Family Session: Jupiter

March 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
I deep cleaned the oven today. That's a big deal if you know me. I usually just look at the bottom of the oven and hope Mary Poppins will knock at the door and snap her fingers. But no, it takes a quarantine for me to deep clean. And it really feels good. While I have been basking in the world of home life, I've been missing my sessions! Families...
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How to freshen up your social distancing space

March 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
It's been quite the week as the world settles into the new normal and America is starting to live out social distancing. Life even a month ago was not prepared for this but I'm constantly amazed by the human race and how they make social strides even while isolated. It would be easy to just go on like normal posting from sessions I've had but I'd l...
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