A Night Session: Downtown West Palm Beach

June 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I've spent a lot of time studying light. Figuring out how to photograph a centerpiece at a wedding with purple uplighting behind it, using flash at the reception to combat disco lights, finding natural reflectors to illuminate my subject's face when it is too cloudy out, spotlighting and bringing in continuous light sources to create a specific environment. All that to say, I like to come prepared to a session and I like to have a plan. Don't get me wrong, I love letting spontaneity seep in every crevice of the plan and capture candid photos. But on a typical family session or wedding portraits or headshots, I am focused on the most optimal clean light available to me with very little gimmicks. 

The times I get to experiment and push myself to really use my camera's capabilities is always a refreshing experience. It's like pushing a reset button and working from the ground up.

For this session, even when I thought I'd packed my external light source and found it missing from my car as the night set in, I had to try. Thankfully, this was just a fun session with people willing to do whatever happened. This meant: rooftop parking lots, street lighting, stairwells, sign lights and water fountains.

The end result is always rewarding because it is about art. Finding something to say with what surrounds you. It looks different to everyone and perfection is never the goal. Excellence is important but a unique perspective is always the winner. I'll take a night session any day with people willing to experiment and have fun! 


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