A Wedding Story: Hilton Singer Island Wedding

January 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A trip down the road onto Singer Island always feels like a mini coast into the Keys. One curve in and you're met with water on both sides with kayakers. Another slight turn and you find towers of hotels and condos overseeing the ocean. It screams vacation and feels so fresh. 

These two were so at ease on their big day that nothing seemed to sway them. Starting off with a toast in the groom's room seemed to get the party going and it never stopped! 

It's always fun starting with the guys and usually an extreme change to entering the bridal suite for some getting ready photos. The contrast is evident but each one of them knows how to enjoy the day and bring on all the memories to capture! 

Sometime a room is crowded with food, supplies and people like it was for this wedding. When that happens, it is alot easier to take the bride out to put on the finishing touches in a spot away from the chaos. This wall of windows allowed for the light to pour in over the bride and create that moody light that drapes over her hair and dress. 

The first look is always a success because it is such a beautiful moment for the couple. Picking the best option for a quiet environment is key to this and I would say is more important than the scenery. You could have the absolute best spot but be surrounded by people who ruin the moment and make the bride and groom feel like they are on display. For this particular moment, we chose a shady spot with a cool breeze where the bride could walk up without the groom seeing her. These two were so sweet and the moment was super special. 

The rest of the day was a breeze....literally. Beach air and waves made for a cool and crisp wedding which ended with a beautiful reception right off the sand overlooking the ocean. 

These two chose to end the pictures with some drinks at the bar. Totally their style and well worth taking the moment to capture it!


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