Proactive Advisor Magazine Headshot Session: Clyde

May 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I truly enjoy headshot style sessions because it gives me a chance to interact with someone one on one and learn more about them. The more conversation we have, the more I can get a better grasp of who they are and allow that to reflect in the images I capture. People are amazing. My job allows me to meet individuals that I might never have met and from that I have gained so much! The world is full of incredible people and they all have a network of family and friends they interact with on a regular basis. Catching a glimpse of that life is such an honor and reminds me how vast and beautiful our world is. When I'm on an airplane or driving on the freeway, I'm reminded of how many circles of people I'm passing! Everyone represents a circle of people and when I know that, my tunnel vision into my own life or any trials I face is met with a world of people who experience hope, joy, life and many trials themselves. Community is much bigger than I sometimes allow myself to live!

Clyde is just one of those great examples of clients who surround themselves with a community of great people. We connected for a session I was doing for Proactive Advisor magazine. I've done a number of photo sessions for them capturing professionals in the financial industry and I have enjoyed everyone!

One thing I love about the magazine is they embrace the photos that take the professional outdoors and out of the office. The magazine also encourages capturing any hobbies the professional does which is always so fun to do! Clyde is an avid cyclist so we were sure to include him and his family with that in mind! 

You can check out the article and learn more about Clyde's background here



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