When disruption invades normal life

March 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

If you're anything like me, you've been casually following the recent news of the Coronavirus and attempting to make smart decisions without freaking out. Kudos to you all who have foraged the stores and stocked up on everything you don't plan to eat unless absolutely necessary. I've tried to only buy what I know I'll eat but when the shelf only has frozen tomato soup, you get creative. 

As we begin to realize normal life may look a little different in the coming weeks, I'm reflecting on a refreshed perspective. I am so thankful for a daily routine and job that allows me to work flexibly and create art. I'm also thankful for some new space to be still and learn something from this pause we are all forced to take. 

While braving the stores these last couple days, there seems to be two different people I always see: those with masks on 50 feet away from people and those who are telling everyone to “stop worrying because germs have always been around”.

I think I fall in between. I’m going to stock up in case things get hard to buy (which they already are) but I’m not going to assume the world is ending. I’m going to take this seriously because I believe we need to take social measures that benefit those around us. I’m going to take precaution, strengthen my immune system and stay at home as much as I can. BUT I’m also not going to dismiss that God is a miracle worker. He calls me to speak hope and life to those around me but not to be ignorant to the pitfalls of viruses. I’m going to use sanitizer while I pray for peace and restoration. I’m going to organize my house and check emails and read the Bible. I’m also going to take walks and marvel at sunsets like these that remind me that God is in control. He creates a sunrise and sunset every day with no fail. When things around us are in confusion, God is not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will turn graves into gardens.


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