How to freshen up your social distancing space

March 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

It's been quite the week as the world settles into the new normal and America is starting to live out social distancing. Life even a month ago was not prepared for this but I'm constantly amazed by the human race and how they make social strides even while isolated. It would be easy to just go on like normal posting from sessions I've had but I'd like to take some time to focus on things that are currently going on as well! I think all readers can relate when I say our spaces are getting a little cramped. I mean, sure, some of us are introverts and we are soaking up the quiet time but that will get old if it hasn't yet. 

I have been finding creative ways to stay comfortable while contained to one area of the world and these things have helped my home feel a little better each day. 





1. Reset your space


This one is popular in our house. We don't particularly like the word "clean".....but we can make do with "reset". In fact, it feels pretty darn good to reset a space and put everything back in place. We are so used to this being done for us in stores and areas outside of the house we usually visit. Putting things away and having a clean space can really help to feel refreshed and clean. My usual space I like to clean up is the living room where I spend a lot of the day but some other areas that make a huge difference on your mental space is the bedroom and kitchen. Having clean counter space and washed sheets to make the bed are so helpful as you walk through the house! 

Some of my favorite laundry detergent and cleaning products can be found here: here

There's also something wonderful about diffusing essential oils to make a home feel cleaner! A smell in a house can make or break a I right?

Our favorite essential oil company can be found here


2. Bring in the plants

Adding greenery to my indoor living space has transformed my home. I have never been a plant girl especially because I figured I couldn't keep them alive but there are so many options now! Even some of the faux plants look real! If you want to boost your non-existent green thumb's ego try some of these hardy and forgiving plants: snake plants, money trees, indoor olive trees and ZZ plants. These have all done well in my house even when I forget to water them!

Lowe's and Home Depot have delivery and store pickup options that make shopping easy! In these hard times, working with a local nursery could also help to support businesses in your town if they are still open. 


3. Decorate!

Experimenting with color, adding in natural wood elements, trying out wall mirrors and so many other projects can be done around the house. So many times, just trying a new arrangement in the room by moving furniture or moving colors in or out of the room has made a huge impact on my living space. 

Amazon, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Kirklands and Hobby Lobby are some of my favorite places to find some extra items to spruce up my look or even get inspiration. Sometimes all you need is to be reminded of some ways you can use what you already have in a new way!
Now is the time to find special areas or rooms in your house that are neglected and create a new and invented space! Even creating a corner in the house for an office space will help separate work from the rest of the home activities and help your brain to set boundaries on places to relax, work or play. When I have a clean desk that is set apart from the rest of my space, it encourages me to work and I feel motivated to get stuff done! Even a spot on a table cleared out for a notepad and coffee cup can help you get ready for a productive work at home kind of day! Then when you've finished, you can retreat to your sofa to settle in with some shows!

I've learned so much from watching Margaret (pictured above) decorate spaces with her company REH interiors. She's such a creative individual and knows how to create the most calming and effective decorated spaces from condos to mansions! 

You can visit her site here


Hope you all have enjoyed some of these ideas and can implement them as you wait out this social distancing! 



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