A Wedding Story: The Breakers West

July 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I love that my job also enables me to capture the moments in time of my friends! I adore my clients and I love the ability to extend that to the special people I share life with as well! These two are at the top of my most favorites! When our friend started dating his bride to be, we joked that it wasn't official with all of his facebook posts until we approved. We were sort of joking. 

Our meetup at the Cheesecake Factory sealed the deal. She was a keeper. 

We have been watching them grow stronger and more beautiful each day as they have navigated life with grace and renewing spirits. Their wedding day was just as exceptional!


Can we stop and talk about wooden flowers for a minute? How great did these turn out?! Then the bride gets to keep them and they don't dry out like a regular bouquet!

I loved this idea, too. The bridesmaids went around and talked about how much they love the bride. Such special moments with special friends!

The bride and groom sent each other a letter and gift which added to the wonderful anticipation and excitement. Even while apart, their connection was apparent as they read their words of love and admiration for one another. 

The first look said it all if anyone doubted their eagerness to wed! Bliss, sentimental moments and beauty with each click of the camera!

Such a stunning and memorable day! 

Venue: The Breakers West

Second Photographer: Gwen Fisher

Wedding Dress: Bacio Bacio Bridal- Justin Alexander



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