A Wedding Story: Romance on Vero Beach

March 22, 2019  •  1 Comment

I distinctly remember getting a phone call from the bride about this wedding. What she described sounded like a dream and I was all in to try and make it happen! I believe my job is to make my clients have space to dream their beautiful day out and then plan for reality. Having a few backup plans and walking through the logistics of certain ideas allows for those dreams to actually come to existence! 

A wedding on the beach is always a great idea....if Florida weather holds up. The bride had such great ideas and while windy weather didn't allow for all of her plans to be fruitful, the best ones did!

Where to put the dress for those shots on display is always a fun challenge. Sometimes, indoor lighting doesn't make for great pictures so if it is a light dress and there is very little risk to move it, we can get creative. But it is always best to proceed with caution because the whole idea is to wear the dress for the ceremony....not get pictures of it before!

But if you have two sons willing to dance with it, sometimes it is worth the risk. Kids over dress every time. 

The setting for this wedding was out of a dream and allowed for the most beautiful sun kissed light!

The sun started to set behind the trees right after the ceremony which is what we had planned! We were willing to take a little bit brighter light for the ceremony so that the portrait shots would allow for the end of the day glow.

The reception could have been right out of the Camila Cabello song, "Havana"....which is what I basically had playing in the back of my head. 


"Half of my heart is in....". It's still in my head.

So there you have it: a wedding full of bridal dreams playing out with some careful planning and creative scheduling. Having it be small and intimate only made it that much better for those special moments on the sand all the way to cake cutting at the very end. "Havana (Ha-Vero?) ooh na-na."



Charli Smith(non-registered)
I think that being original and unique for your wedding is the best thing out there.I got married in pink so go with whatever you feel comfortable in.
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