A Headshot Session in Palm Beach Gardens: What to wear for your profession

October 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

It is always a joy working with friends and this gal is a special treat!

I love her heart and charisma. She has the kind of character that reaches for the broken and is authentic in every way. Her mission is to help heal the hurting and guide them on a path to discovering what they were made to do!

Capturing that in a session means a lot of laughter, chatting and trying out different poses to highlight her fantastic spark!

One thing I get asked a lot when clients are preparing for a headshot session is: "What do I wear? "

I follow that with: "What are you trying to say (capture)?"

What that means is that an outfit can say a lot about what you're doing in a moment. If you are wearing a sweater and walking around the beach, that suggests that you're comfortable, cozy and ready to chat and read a book. All good things if you're a writer and ready to help people tackle things going on in their personal life.

If you're an attorney or real estate agent, you may want to create a more professional look that lets your clients know how you'll be best identified on the job. 

When deciding on what to wear, it is always best to go with colors that bring your hair and eye color and stay away from patters. 

This particular headshot session gives a great example of what two different looks can give just by changing the jacket. A blue blazer aims to show a polished, professional look while a light olive sweater tones down the background environment for a softer look. Both are great options and give different approaches to the final image.  



This color chart has been wonderfully helpful when trying to come up with color palettes for a variety of sessions. The earth tones and darker colors can be great inspiration for a session. I never mind getting some pictures from clients on what they would like to wear and seeing what I think would work best! It makes my job easier in the end!

Either way, the best thing you can wear on a session is confidence. When you feel comfortable and strong, you'll remember that feeling when you look at the images. Always aim to pick clothing that feels good and doesn't distract you from having a good time!



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