Senior Session in Palm Beach: Sea Turtles & College

January 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year!

2018 has already been flying by and I am so excited for what this year will bring! I love new seasons of life, a blank canvas, enjoying the present and hoping for the future. What better way to sum that up than with a high school senior session!

I loved every minute of this session. Wardrobe changes and different scenery allowed for so much creativity and a lot of laughs. Honestly, if we don't laugh in a session and enjoy ourselves, it will show through the lens. A photography session should be filled with some joy, memories and lots of fun. 

Palm Beach provides a fantastic backdrop for photographs and I love tailoring it to the specific person I am taking pictures of that day. It isn't a template you just plug each person into so you get the same look. It's an opportunity to capture the person amidst their surroundings. What's going on with their life in this season is so important and each angle gives you a different perspective into that time of their life!

Yes, she stopped traffic. Cause she's that gorgeous and has the sweetest personality to go along with it. 

What do we do with a change of scenery? A new outfit, of course. 

Last stop was the beach because that's so Florida and it never disappoints. What we didn't know was how symbolic it would be. Part way through the session, baby sea turtles started popping up out of the sand and making their way to the ocean. It was so surreal and relevant to the new journey of adventure and growth of what college brings! 

This was one for the books. Sea turtles and waves added quite the touch!



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