Maternity Session in Jupiter, FL

April 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

You know what is so fun about taking pictures? It's cultivating relationships with people and getting to capture each season of their life. There's really no rule to the game. Everyone always asks me what I would suggest for how to go about the session. I'm always thrilled to give my two cents but it usually comes down to one question: what will make you smile? It's about lasting memories that leave a pleasant thought in your mind every time you think back to it. The picture is just the catalyst to the memory. If I'm posing you the entire time and you're in uncomfortable and impersonal situations for the whole session, that's not accomplishing a lot. BUT, if we are laughing, smiling, talking, enjoying the time together during the session....that's what will spark the memory. It's not about my lens or camera that makes the image. It's about the people, love, relationships, comfort. 

I love the flexibility of what you can create in a session, too. Last time this momma was pregnant, she was absolutely stunning in this session! We had so much fun experimenting with different dresses and just enjoying the area. This time around? She's got a third one on the way and it is still fun, beautiful and full of memories. Just a different session altogether! I love that!

Every season is different and it should be captured with a real and authentic attachment to everyday life. That's just what we did here and it is a reminder that glam and glitz can be gorgeous but so are simple portraits of what a real family looks like! 



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