A Lifestyle Newborn Session

March 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

All new moms find out quickly that a "daily" schedule isn't always easy when they come home from the hospital with a baby. Life is beautiful with a newborn but it is also a new season and a time to try and sort out a million things thrown at you all while having lack of sleep. 

I find that a Lifestyle Newborn Session can be a wonderful fit for anyone looking to have some pictures taken of their new addition and even add the family in for some of the pictures! It is a fantastic way to celebrate a new life and not go crazy doing it. I think it is important to break down who a lifestyle session would most benefit. 

A Lifestyle Newborn Session might be for you if:

1. You don't have specific poses that you want done of your newborn

2. You want to showcase your new addition through personality, creativity and a little bit of spontaneity 

3. You want to devote less than 2 hours to the session

4. You want some images that will tell a story and possibly show some pictures of your house and family


A Lifestyle Session may NOT be for you if:

1. You have specific poses in mind and have made an entire board of pins on Pinterest

2. You want your newborn showcased and are not interested in environmental backgrounds

3. You have 3+ hours to devote to a photography session and want to work on specific poses for a period of time

4. You want more of a studio look with lots of props 


This does not sum everything up and it is always a great idea to talk about your vision when you seek out a photographer….we don't bite! 

I adore Lifestyle Newborn sessions and I always try to add a pose or two in if baby is happy. That isn't always the case. If we are doing about an hour session, it doesn't leave much time to prepare the baby for posing so sometimes we improvise and go with how the baby is feeling. Everything always turns out great but it really comes down to what you are hoping for!

This session was a joy and I adored working with this precious girl (Check out her mom's maternity pictures HERE before she arrived!). I love the authenticity that took place as I wandered the house and captured real life. 

Older siblings are so important and these two did such a wonderful job throughout the session. They were happy to pose and be a part of anything I asked! 

For this particular session, the house had wonderful natural light and we utilized every bit of it! 

Their faces….this was the first time they got to hold their little sister. Can you feel the pride in their smiles?! Such a special moment!

That last one….one of my favorites to date. Her adorable little body is so content in her mother's arms!

What a beauty! 

Lifestyle sessions come in different varieties and this was just one way to showcase a gorgeous little girl and her family! 


Dr. Kimberlyn Jones(non-registered)
Well Jen, you've done it again. These pictures are wonderful. I am always amazed at your ingenuity when you capture a family with their newborn. You get right to the soul of each grouping and make it super special. Congratulations on another family beautifully captured on film.
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