A Beauty and the Beast inspired session: Belle meets Fashion with Target line of girls' clothes

March 14, 2017  •  2 Comments

I remember the first time I saw Beauty and the Beast. I was captivated by Belle's humble demeanor, curious character and simple yet classic outfits. The scene where she walks through the town singing was the most memorable. Right after seeing the movie, I was actually sad. Not because I didn't like the movie or enjoy every bit of the story….but because I was genuinely heartbroken that NO ONE walked around dressed like Belle like she did in the movie. I didn't care that fashion at the present time was not reflective of the time period that took place in the movie…I just wanted to dress like Belle everyday and I wanted society to get on board!

Fast Forward to present day. I was at one of my favorite stores: Target. Can I just say that Target is like one of the best stores ever? I seriously mean it. Somedays, it is like a spa day for me walking around the aisles with a Starbucks tea in hand and perusing every last inch of that store. I find myself looking at things I never needed but all of a sudden had use for after discovering Target sold them and they were on sale. Take for instance, candles. I think I spent twenty minutes one day smelling every single one of the scented soy candles on display. I must have looked "professional" because while I was kneeling down to pick up a candle on the bottom shelf, a man asked me what aisle he could find coloring books in. I could have taken the chance to let him know I was just a happy Target customer but then realized I had prepared for this moment. I knew exactly where the coloring books were and pointed him in the right direction. So, you could say I'm an unofficial part time employee of Target who can roam the store and not actually have to work. Dreams achieved. 

There's sort of a point to that tangent. I browse pretty much every aisle there. So, while I was passing the girls' clothing the other day, I came across a Beauty and the Beast line of clothing inspired by Jacqueline Durran. All childhood memories came flooding back! These dresses are BEAUTIFUL, people. I couldn't stop oooooing and ahhhing over them. I actually went home and then returned that afternoon because I light bulb went off in my head: use the dresses for a Belle inspired session. Belle and Fashion? Yes, please.

So, I set out with a mission: create a styled Beauty and the Beast inspired shoot using only Target items.

Every clothing item you see ( yes, even the basket and shoes) is from Target. 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate links provided. Clicking on the link will not cost you anything but will take you to some great products that I think are pretty darn cool and worth chatting about. You have the option to view the products for more information and the ability to order online through these links.

With the anticipation of the new remake coming out, this week shall now be called the "Beauty and the Beast Week". So for those of you who followed me through my Target tangent and are still with me….I give you Belle!

We start out at a beautiful fountain where Belle sits to read

Can we talk about this "book" for a minute? It's a PURSE. Yes, a purse. And it is as cute as it looks!

The bow. Belle's bow, you guys. 

Click on the affiliate links (picture) below to find out more about this dress:

Next up: Belle's journey through the forest. Cause every girl needs a little fashion when going on an adventure.

Yes, the hat is totally from Target and goes with the clothing line. That was a must.

A traveling pouch. Are you kidding me? Genius.

Love this outfit? Click on the pictures below (affiliate links) to find out more information!

These two could have been it for me. Childhood dreams right here. But then, why would they stop there? Thankfully, they didn't. Have you ever wondered what Belle might look like strolling the castle gardens? She'd wear a dress with roses, of course. With a matching purse.

Love it? Click on the picture below (affiliate link) to see more about it!

And they couldn't forget the iconic yellow number that Belle strolled in down the stairs to meet Beast. 

Can't get enough of this look? Click on the pictures (affiliate link) below to get more info on these!

How precious is that? Disney and Target….job well done. But let's be real, you might have some grown ups in the girls' aisle trying to fit into these gems.

Tale as old as time. 

Which Belle look was your favorite? Who's going to see the movie on Friday? 






JL Jones Photography
Thank you so much, Joy!
Wow! This is amazing! The outfits are absolutely beautiful, and the photography is on point, too. ;) As a Beauty and the Beast fan, I have got to have these!
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