Maternity Session Dresses

June 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello lovely readers! I wanted to write a quick post about a maternity session I just did. The lovely mama posted some of her images and so many people wanted to know where her dress came from….So I thought I'd write about it here and let you know!

Here's the dress that prompted the interest:

Isn't she beautiful?! I will be doing a blog post on this session soon!

Let's face it…pregnancy has its ups and downs. Maternity sessions are not for everyone but I have truly become smitten with capturing these gorgeous mamas! I wanted my clients to feel empowered, special and beautiful! That's why I invest in these dresses for my sessions so that my clients have the opportunity to feel like a princess and have lasting memories! This Glam Bump post explains this a bit more in depth! 

Currently, I order through Sew Trendy Dresses. They have a beautiful selection of gowns and work so well for a photography session! A word of warning: I wouldn't buy one of these dresses for wearing out to an actual function. There may be some that work for that but the particular ones I order have an open slit from the bust so that you can either wrap the dress around your belly to cover it or part it to show your skin. It truly is for photographic reasons but not completely helpful if you are at a party reaching for food! Hello belly!

Here are some examples of the dresses I have in stock:




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