Session at a Ranch in Plantation, FL

September 29, 2015

I have been having such fun shoots over the past months and have not blogged about ANY of it. Blogging fail over here…fall season makes me productive so it is time to catch up! 

I wanted to start with a session I did a couple months back at a beautiful ranch in Plantation, FL. The people who run the ranch are so kind and were willing to work with whatever crazy ideas we had! A very special family friend of mine contacted me because she was a contestant on the Master Chef this last season and she wanted to get some fun and wild pictures with a horse. She had this idea of a Game of Thrones inspired session incorporated with her chef jacket and a sense of victory with flames and all. This ranch was just the place to get it done and we had a blast…dirt and all! The horse we used for the session was the most patient and beautiful horse…what a team player! Kudos to you and thanks for putting up with us precious horse!

The wonderful woman, Jennifer, who helps take care of the ranch makes adorably gorgeous dresses and made one for us to use before the session and we had a blast checking out the different areas and its breathtaking beauty. 



And what about the final Master Chef image? 

Here you go!

Victory….Flames and all!