Senior Session Part I

October 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This girl is so special. She is the epitome of beauty in my definition because her heart actually trumps her outer appearance…if that is even possible! 

I call this post part I because I will be doing at least one more session with her out of pure eagerness to take more pictures of this incredible person. She was so kind, patient and caring during the whole session…even when it was raining and we took the entire shoot indoors! But, oh, did we have fun! We were toying around with what to do indoors and she mentioned we could move the piano. If you aren't serious about things like that, do not ever mention it to a photographer because our mind will go 100mph with ideas in extreme excitement. Thankfully, she was serious and moving the piano was just what we did. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. 

So, just when she humbly plays the piano effortlessly, singing along the way with a gorgeous God-given voice…she mentions she loves to read. So, she's smart, too?! I can't even. This girl! 

We made our way to her reading spot and finished off with a little more light experimenting and fun!

I can honestly say this was one of those sessions where I walked away so inspired and excited to try some out of the box ideas and just go with it! I'm so thankful for that rainy day that forced us inside! Some of the best sessions are the spontaneous ones. 




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